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Youtube likes and dislikes

Youtube likes and dislikes

The fact that internet has made it possible to bring people from all across the globe a lot more closer, making the world the so called ‘global village’, it has now become possible to make your presence felt on a global level with the help of online marketing. Video marketing has been one such aspect of online marketing that has helped businesses grow in popularity without having any geographic limitations

YouTube is an online video directory that has helped many businesses grows over the years. In fact, it has emerged as one of the most popular web-marketing tool. There are a number of reasons as to what makes YouTube such a good online marketing option –

No holds barred – it is one web portal that has unlimited potential. The fact that it is one of the most popular global sites, which people from all across the globe and of all age groups visit, makes it a website with unlimited potential for business people. The term no holds barred seems to fit the site perfectly, as the site has no limitations, you can post videos for all type of business needs and therefore, you can utilize the website’s popularity to increase your good will in the market.
Likes and dislike – this is one of the major advantages that this site offers to its visitors. If you find something interesting in the video, you can like it and if not then you can click the dislike button. What this does is makes the other visitors, coming to the check a particular video, aware of the feedback of the crowd. In fact, this option has proven to be helpful for business people in deciding whether their advertising strategies are working or not. After all, more the number of likes on the video link, more is the popularity and vice versa.
Market trends – what this like and dislike option also does is helps in deciding the market trends, regarding what people want to see and what they are not. This has helped advertising agencies create their strategies for business of all types. Looking at the number of likes and dislikes on a particular video, you can make out what people want to see and what they do not. So, you can decide for yourself as to what type of video can prove to be a crowd fetcher and which can be exactly the opposite, helping you decide for yourself. So, the like and dislike option gives you a good idea as to where you should spend your money.
All the above mentioned points give you a clear overview of how various options on this online video directory by the name of YouTube can prove to be a great option for your business advertising needs. So, if you are also looking to get a video made for your services and business, it is a good idea to spend some time researching on the website and understating the trends regarding what people like to watch and what not, by having a look at the popularity of videos, before investing your hard earned money on creating something.

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