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Pay per click marketing campaign

Pay per click marketing campaign

Going through the process of a pay per click marketing campaign (PPC) can feel a bit like a root canal sometimes. It is not always a fun process making sure that everything is in place perfectly before you launch your new ad groups. However, taking the time to make sure that you have all of the parts and pieces working together will save you money, and make you more profits in the end.

One way to improve your conversions and your Google quality score is to make sure that your landing page is well optimized.

Here are some tips to remember to make sure that your website is ready for the onslaught of PPC clicks and that Google likes what it sees:

Make sure that your keyword phrase is included in the page name of your website. This will help the search engines find your page as well.

Make sure that your keyword phrase is also included in the title tag, description tag, meta keyword tag, H1 tag and link text.

Your keyword should also be found in your website content. The content on your site should be at least 400 words and contact about 1.5% to 2% keyword density (how many times the keyword is mentioned in 100 words).

Link your page internally at least 3 times and point it to pages on the same subject.
Have a site map and make sure that you submit that through Google Webmaster tools as well.

Create a blog post which points to your landing page

Make your landing page a simple design so that it is easy and quick to load

Create a thank you page that visitors will go to after they have signed up for your list or purchase a product.

Create headlines that capture your prospect’s attention. Do you have a call to action prominently placed on your page? Are you fully explaining to them what they need to do?

Privacy page: Google likes websites which have a privacy page, so make sure that you create one.

Terms of Service: Google also wants to see a page called Terms of Service, so make sure that you have one of those included in your landing page as well.

Creating the perfect PPC advertisement is not going to help you if your landing page is terrible, so take the time to make it perfect!

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