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Pop up display stands

Pop up display stands

Exhibition pop up are to be seen in every trade shows and retail shops. They are fun and convenient to use that we see them everywhere. If everyone has one what more are they are not telling us about this new way of displaying our products. It is of good quality, it’s is attractive and it fits the budget. What more can you ask for? Happily there are just a few things they are not telling us about up pop displays and they can be solved.

What Happened to the Distinctness of Your Brand?

Everyone has it in their booth or store . You want to be different. Somehow making your own DIY exhibition pop up seems shabby next to these glossy posters. Also, bringing them to the site where you wish to stand your poster is a problem. They are big and cannot fit at the back of your car. The expo is nearing and your greatest fear is making a complete mess out of it. The effort to make it different is becoming a problem. Not to worry. You may choose from a variety of fonts and images the exact graphic image you want portrayed and it would be well worth it. You may even draw or paint and have it transferred to the pop up stands. They will even remain durable going against the wear and tear of constant use. This technology allow for these wonderful, resourceful ways to maintain your own mark.

A Confusing, Conundrum of Pop Up Displays

It can get messy. There are too many images overlapping each other. Perhaps you were advised that you may enter as many products as you wish in one pop up that they look like a Jackson Pollock painting. To solve the problem, you may consider segregating your products into different pop ups so that it won’t be confusing. Putting them all in one pop up can be dizzying. The information you give may not be received well by viewers of your pop up. Another solution is to organize the products on the exhibition pop up so that it doesn’t come out like scrambled eggs.

When you look at the Pop up Displays you only see the glossy images and attractive features. Websites do not mention about your particular needs or how it could go wrong. But we, on our own, find ways to remedy the dilemma. We go around this new technology and become creative. We leave our mark on our brands by designing it ourselves which is not impossible. We also have a variety of fonts and pictures to choose from the internet and display. A messed up pop up can also be a problem but can also be remedied by simply being more organized about the lay out. Or you may have different pop ups for each product since each pop up is not so expensive anyway. There are various angles to look at the way you would want your pop ups to come out. You just have to step in, take control and be creative.

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