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How to get email lists for marketing

How to get email lists for marketing

If you, like many business owners, are guilty of overusing your email marketing campaigns you need to get better results from them. Often, when overusing email marketing, business owners become disappointed when their campaigns turn out to be ineffective or at worst damaging to their business, however even in these cases email marketing can still be a successful and effective way to develop and promote a business. One of the best ways to transform the results of email marketing efforts and campaigns is to go right back to basics and look at the information and data that is contained in email marketing lists. Even though all sorts of improvements can be made throughout a campaign, the first step to ensuring better results from future email marketing efforts is actually to use better email lists.

In order to be effective, an email list needs to include the contact details of individuals who are genuinely interested in your products or services, and who are happy to be contacted by you with promotional offers. With this in mind, there are some things that you can do to start collecting email addresses such as via website sign-up forms or even by creating individual landing pages to capture details of customers.

Don’t forget though, that being able to carry out email marketing activities requires permission from email address recipients, and they need to give their explicit consent to both start receiving emails and to continue to receive them. You can ensure that this occurs by giving any prospects the opportunity to opt-out of further communications from you. This not only helps you to know that the recipients on your list are happy to be contacted by your company, it also maintains good list hygiene and will help make future campaigns more effective.

As a business owner you can also purchase ready-made email lists from a wealth of UK email list providers. These providers specialize in creating lists according to your own specifications (such as building a list of email addresses for customers in a certain area, or building a list of business email addresses for a particular industry or sector). By working with the right providers you can receive a list for a cheaper cost than it would be to build it yourself.

If you are just starting out with an email list campaign or strategy you are more than likely going to start creating a single, large database of potential prospects. To make your campaign as effective as possible, though, you will need to apply some segmentation methods to this list so that you can separate relevant prospects from irrelevant ones. Since an email marketing campaign is considerably less expensive to run than say a print advertising campaigns, many business owners become to enthusiastic and send out everything they want to say all at once and to every recipient who is on their list. Working a list in this way is just as ineffective as it is to spend vast amounts of time creating individual emails and messages for the individual recipients on the list! Instead, a good way to really build and develop an effective list is to segment it according to key practical criteria. Seasonal offers, for example, could be sent out to those customers who have purchased similar products from your company before. Or you may want to be more specific and segment your list according to set parameters such as demographic information, location, age/gender or even previous buying history. When segmenting your marketing list you are making it a lot easier to carry out email marketing campaigns, so even though it will require some thought and effort to begin with it will provide more benefit to your business and its marketing efforts in the end.

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