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SEO Sri Lanka – SEO Services Sri Lanka.  Finding the best SEO Company or SEO Consultant in Sri Lanka is not an easy task. This post is for anyone who is looking for the SEO Services in Sri Lanka.

Before selecting the SEO Service, It is crucial to identify and focus on the below key points.

1) What do you want to achieve with SEO

2)Your objectives

3)The process of selecting the right SEO provider in Sri Lanka.

SEO Sri Lanka | SEO Service Sri Lanka’ is a critical hire because, if SEO is essential to your business, then the choice of which company or person to use, is going to have a considerable impact. Probably one of the most significant influences on whether you get great results. Here I am focusing on the third step first, the process of selecting the correct SEO Provider.

Common Mistakes done Globally:

There’s a bunch of mistakes that people make when they go down this. In selecting an SEO company, the first path they use is Google. They Search the terms “SEO Sri Lanka”, “The SEO Company Sri Lanka”, “SEO Service in Sri Lanka”, “SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka” and likewise.

Yes, a lot of people use Google as their filter. The logic makes a lot of sense. When you think about it on the surface, yes it is evident that a good SEO company should rank first in the google. You may surely think the number one company will show up at the top. But unfortunately what happens is most of the perfect companies, the ones that are in high demand, the ones that do consistently great work and get great referrals, don’t need to rank here. They’re overwhelmed with clients, their clients refer them to people, and lots of people in their network refer folks to them. They have a high retention of clients, and lots of people are delighted. They’re making plenty of money, and they’re incredibly busy, so they don’t spend any work optimizing their website to get new clients. As a result, you are often left with some of the dregs here.

Therefore many of the companies that rank well for ‘SEO Sri Lanka’ or ‘SEO Company Sri Lanka’ or ‘SEO Specialist Sri Lanka’ a particular speciality like that’s the ‘e-commerce SEO Sri Lanka’ are not the best as may think. They are the folks who are simply without any client work and so they’re concentrating all their energy on trying to new clients. Sometimes maybe you can find some good folks in there. But in general, It’s just not a great filter.

Secondly, What do you think about the review providers? There are plenty of review providers. You may find those Review listing by searching terms like “Top SEO Companies in Sri Lanka”. So many people will search for ‘The best SEO Sri Lanka’ and they’ll get to a website with the aggregate listing. They list down service providers as their wish. Can you believe them? These types of websites always means that they’re essentially just aggregators, and their business model is that they try to rank for terms like given above, and then they sell those listings. It is another business model of earning with selling aggregate listings.

For Example, if you are an SEO Company, they will call us up and say hey ‘do you want to be number three on our list?’. We can make you number three on “the best SEO companies list category in Sri Lanka” for Rs 200,000 for a year. Or we can make you number one, but you’re going to have to pay 800,000 per year. That is not good, I mean it’s a great model for them, don’t get me wrong, but that pay to play scheme is not trustworthy for you as a consumer of SEO.

Third, is believing the sales pitch. Unfortunately, many low-quality SEO consultants use the world “Special Techniques special to them”. They say that there’s a secret sauce behind their success. There are no secret sauces in SEO.

If you hear the stories like – this is

“how Google works, but what and then here’s how we do our secret optimization techniques, I can’t tell you what those are. it’s a proprietary methodology, but it works well.”

It would be best if you rejected that. If a professional says that , I’m sorry I can’t tell you it’s a secret or it’s proprietary that is a really a bad sign. No one has a secret proprietary process. SEO is a very very open field, and it’s well understood it has origins and a lot of secrecy, but that is not the way it is today, and you should never accept that as an answer, and that is a red flag.

Common mistakes we see in the SEO industry in Sri Lanka. (SEO Sri Lanka | SEO Service Sri Lanka)

There are many fault-proof methodologies applied by SEO professionals in Sri Lanka. I write down common quick points to make this short.

1) If any of the service providers is using the search keyword in their domain name ( but the company is ABC ltd) without their brand name. The provider is not so competent enough. As a client, you should be able to open a domain and a website to each search term in this scenario. Will it be practical? Let us stay away from such consultants and companies. They are showing their struggle in their SEO profession by such work. It is one evidence which proves what I have said above.

2) Useless Results. Yes, this is a common trick some of the SEO guys offer to their clients to prove their results. SEO is all about the targeting correct keywords and ranking them up. Any new guy who just stepped into SEO can rank keywords like “The best SEO consultant in Kahatagasdigiliya”. Indeed, your site can rank first in google. But the big question, who will search with this keyword.

How to find the right SEO provider? (SEO Sri Lanka | SEO Service Sri Lanka)

The process that I do recommend for choosing an excellent SEO company as follows.

First off please sit down with your team, with your CEO, with your executive team, your director board whoever you’ve got and figure out the goals you’re trying to achieve with SEO. Let us discover, Why do you want to do SEO? Why do you want to rank organically for keywords? Then figure out how you’re going to judge success versus failure. In this process, there are reasonable goals and wrong goals. Reasonable goals are things like

1. I want to get in front of a lot of people who are researching this specific search term or terms.

2. We need traffic from the specific niche market.

3. We’re trying to boost revenue, and we’re trying to grow it through new sales and SEO will be used as sales-driving Channel

4. We’re trying to boost downloads or free signups or free trials

5. We’re trying to boost a sentiment

6. Our brand should be visible if someone googled in our market niche.

7. In the current search results, there are some poor reviews, and there are lots of good reviews that rank below them. We want to push the good reviews up and the bad reviews down.

Some Examples for Bad Goals.

1.Just want more traffic

2. Ranking and simply, because they want to rank

3. Ranking in useless keywords

4. Ranking in keywords not converting to sales

5. Achieving vanity metrics

Step two

Once you have a list of these reasonable goals that you’re trying to optimize, my suggestion is that you should invite proposals from several SEO Consultants usually three to five with a bunch of criteria. Further to the above points, we should consider the details given below when making the criteria.


* You might say, hey look, we need someone in our region, so that we can meet with them in person or at least someone who can drive to us regularly, so maybe that’s a requirement for you. SEO is a teamwork, and we can not expect the SEO consultant to provide what is right for your business.

* It is significant to push the SEO Consultant or Company to stay focused on your job continuously, and we should make sure that he should commit to the task without diverting his attention to some other clients halfway. This is common issue we find always.

* Ask a proper plan to achieve your reasonable goals. Carefully go through it in detail.

* Time frames ??? This is a big question in SEO. SEO is a “waiting game”. Most of the time, The task we do now will reflect in after six months. So don’t be in a hurry. Make Sure; do the things correctly.

SEO Sri Lanka | SEO Services Sri Lanka


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