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Promo ideas for small business

Promo ideas for small business

Promos are a great way to circulate your company’s message on T-shirts, calendars, and crystals, or numerous other different kinds of items.

Imprinting messages or logos is an everlasting tactic that a marketer can utilize. Marketing professionals have taken promos for granted these days. Promos can backfire, if they are not used wisely. It is thus important that you devise a smart marketing plan and use them creatively.

To understand effectiveness of promos, a study was conducted on two different companies using imprinted products for stimulating referrals from present customers. It was found that customers who got inexpensive gifts bearing the company logo had much higher referral rates in comparison to those who did not.

Another group of individuals who received advertising specialties as gifts showed positive attitude towards the company advertising. Apart from this, 83% of the recipients agreed that they used products they received and about 87% of them were aware of the message delivered in the advertisements.

Now, companies need to follow some guidelines to get such results using promos:

Determination of Goals: You need to be aware of the kind of response you are looking from audiences with promos. This will help in fixing and justifying your budget.

Determination of Scope: You need to understand the target and scope of your promos. You need to analyze if your promos are reaching out to the targeted audiences in corporate events and trade shows.

Alliance with Marketing Plans: Promos that you use must support the marketing plans you follow. Consumer promos are a way of tying promos with lifestyle and self-image of targeted audiences.

Durability of Items: You will come across numerous items suitable for promos. Make sure to give away items that are useful and gives you the opportunity to reinforce your company message. You won’t have to go for expensive items as evidenced by success of refrigerator magnets, notepads, pens, and calendars.

Reinforcement of Promos: A leading manufacturer of sports goods once gave away ties that had company message imprinted on them. Prospects were invited to attend company’s suite party and were asked to wear them in the party to receive door prize and get a chance to win a vacation trip. Not only was the attendance high in the party, it also helped in increasing a sense of belonging among prospects.

Ensuring Delivery: It will be definitely sad if you are playing an imprinted item in certain advertisement campaign to find later on that the delivery of promos is late for some reason. It is time for you to feel embarrassed again, when you discover the promos being defective or inconsistent. It is enough to irritate guests attending the trade shows. You might end up spending a fortune in course of the rush charges.

Advertising has become an integral part of promotional agencies, corporate organizations, businesses, and companies. Small as well as big business houses find it an effective way to circulate message among clients and create a separate niche of their own. Keep in mind these aspects to make the most of promos.

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