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Search engine optimization is something we are infinitely familiar with and love as a marketing strategy. The advantage of search engine optimization is that you don’t pay per click. You simply rank in search for the thing that somebody is searching for. This means that the work that you do, has a very high yield once it done is done.

For our dating example, a girl searches for ‘guys who are great in bed’ and my website comes up as the top hit. Incidentally, it usually does, Because of this top ranking, I have some authority with her, she’s used to saying, hey, I’m going to click on the top result. Google is usually pretty trustworthy and you’re getting a small amount of endorsement for being that top hit. But you’re also not paying per click, so if something trends on say like Oprah or The Tonight Show or whatever where people are searching for,” guys who are great in bed” all of a sudden a million people may be searching for your product and seventy-five percent of them are clicking on the top result and that was all free to you. The downside with search engine optimization is if your SEO hasn’t done their research to tell you these are how many people search for this topic and this is what the rank you can. Most likely achieve is you may be the top hit for something that’s never surged or you may be the eighth hit, because you can’t compete with a larger brand that has more authority on that topic.

For example let’s think being the top hit for ‘the best social media site’. You’re never going to outrank popular sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, it just isn’t going to happen. They are synonymous with it and there’s another six or seven brands that are ahead of the local social medial sites that out tank term the best social media site. Now we could have promised them a top ranking in that spot and we could have gotten it for them given them a million dollar ad campaign. But they would never have realized enough money off of being the top hit for the best social media site and probably Google would have come along at some point said people who are looking for ‘Facebook’ aren’t looking for this social media site in Sri Lanka. So it is normal to have the famous worldwide brands in the top results as explained and we should avoid compete with them.

Above is just one of the concerns when you are planning to run a SEO campaign for the dating site. There are many important factors to consider when running the SEO Campaign.

So it always better find a person or agency to help with this SEO jargons. You better concentrate on your business and get the help of someone who may come up with best online solution for your business.

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