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Brand Awareness Campaign Examples

Brand Awareness Campaign Examples : “THE WORLD’S BEST FOOD FOR THE WORLD’S BEST KIDS” This campaign generated over 42 million impressions and over 22 million video views in its first six weeks. The Client reports record Q2 2022 results, with total revenue up 54 % year-over-year and net revenue up 50% quarter-over-quarter.

This 360 degree campaign features :30, :15 and :06 seconds commercials, animated display ads and social ads contrasting happy, obedient pets against with yelling, mess making children in “The World’s Best Kid” contest. Pets have proven to be loyal shopping companions, dinner companions, and weekend sleep aids. This campaign included 18 media components and still photography. Media includes video, static and animated ads, GIFs, still images, and paid social media on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, iHeartRadio, and Twitter.

Brand Awareness Campaign Examples

Client : Halo Pets

Agency : Humanaut

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